FR-S Destroyed After CRASH At Car Meet!

If you’re from the East Coast, the phenomenon that is the sideshow is probably ...

If you’re from the East Coast, the phenomenon that is the sideshow is probably one that you can’t really identify with too much. On the right side of the country, there’s not really much that goes on with this kind of action. However, out west, the sideshows really are a thriving scene where drivers take their car or truck into a circle of people and start to throw it around, making a smoke show and really killing some tires as they do donuts and sometimes, even tandem drift with one another. However, it’s not always a situation that gets tied up with a nice bow on top and a happy ending.

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In a situation like this, we’re able to check out one of the many fails that you will see with a show like this. When people want to either enter into the sideshow with their vehicle or stand close by, they have to realize that they’re really putting themselves in harm’s way and that either their bodies or their cars could suffer as a result. The pure mayhem that unfolds can end up getting out of hand sometimes as either cars will collide with one another or spectators will get too close to the action to the point where they might find themselves getting clipped by a car that’s sliding sideways with plenty of momentum.

This time, we watch the likes of a Scion FR-S as it heads sideways and puts on a little bit of a show with a Mazda Miata and before we know it, two cars are colliding with one another as the driver of the Scion ends up continuing sliding when the driver of the Mazda had come to a stop. You can see where this is going as the FR-S ends up gliding right into the side of the other car and causing everybody on the scene to go into an uproar!

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