Frozen Lake Go-Karting Will Definitely Get Your Blood Pumping!

Colorado is one of the most popular winter vacation destinations in the US thanks to ...

Colorado is one of the most popular winter vacation destinations in the US thanks to it’s many gorgeous ski resorts and other popular attractions that bring tourists from across the nation and around the world. Aspen offers some of the most beautiful views and best skiing in the state, and now there’s a little something extra for the gearhead looking for to throw some racing into the mix while on vacation in the Rocky Mountains.

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Aspen Ice Karting is exactly what the name implies: a full sized go kart track on a frozen lake. These are no generic, tame karts that putt around on the ice, though. Each of these half-pint rocket ships has the power to run 50 MPH on the ice and are fitted with tires to help maximize traction, though as you can see in the video below, they still slip enough to lay down some awesome drifts. Up to five riders at a time can take to the track for ten or twenty minute shred sessions.

If you plan to hit the track, make sure you bring the same clothes you’d wear if you were hitting the slopes. Layer up and wear water-resistant outer layers, since the karts do sling up icy slush as they whip around the track. It looks as though helmets are provided by Aspen Ice Karting, but you’ll have to bring everything else to keep from getting chilled while you race.

Pricing is reasonable and is on par with other karting experiences, while the views are far better than even the coolest indoor karting facility. Team Speed Society driver Alex Laughlin is in Daytona at a huge kart race – karting is one of the first disciplines he ever tried in the racing world – but we may have to see if we can get his kart out to Colorado to see how he does on the ice. I can’t help but think he might lay down a new track record lap time, since he seems to excel at everything he does! I wonder if he’d be up for the challenge?

Ice Karting

Frozen lake go-karting will definitely get your blood pumping.

Posted by Thrillist on Saturday, December 2, 2017

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