Functional Miniature Turbo on Nitro Powered R/C Car

Functional Miniature Turbo on Nitro Powered R/C Caron-road vs off-road sweepstakes is ...

Functional Miniature Turbo on Nitro Powered R/C Car

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The possibilities of modification with remote control cars are just about as endless as the possibilities with real live cars. Sometimes, it even goes a little bit further in the scaled-down world.

This time, we ran into a video showing off a tiny little turbo hooked up to a nitro powered remote control car. Best of all, it looks like it actually serves a purpose!

While there aren’t any concrete numbers to prove it, this definitely looks like a legitimate setup to make a little extra power and if not, well, nobody is denying how cool it looks.

Check out the turbo powered setup in the video below and tell us what you think of the legitimacy of this “power adder.” Is miniature nitrous next?

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