Funny Ford Truck Heist Ends in Thieves Looking Like Tools!

When it comes down to it, in just about every situation, crime doesn’t pay. ...

When it comes down to it, in just about every situation, crime doesn’t pay. While sometimes, people manage to get away with things for a short time, it’s only a matter of time before that kind of stuff catches up with you. For these guys, we get a feeling that it’s inevitable that their time is coming soon.

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Now, this isn’t the part of the operation where these guys got jammed up but they did end up doing something pretty embarrassing it was all captured on camera. It looks like we have a couple of amateurs on her hands because by the looks of things captured on the security footage, they really didn’t know what they were doing.

We watch as the duo attempted to break into a pickup truck, when all of a sudden, the Ford F-150 begins to roll backward, leaving one of the criminals to hang onto the door handles and try and slow this thing down to stop. Eventually, it did, but they certainly left behind one heck of a blooper reel in the process.

Now, I’m not sure if these guys ever got caught or not, but by the amount of camera time they had with their faces in plain sight, I’m sure it isn’t going to be long before these guys get apprehended. From the looks of things, they probably didn’t do a very good job of covering the rest of their tracks either. It’s almost like this is a scene straight out of a sitcom!

Thieves Battle Runaway Truck

This is a MUST watch! As police officers, we see all sides of life. We have a front row seat to the terribly sad and the extremely funny. That being said, this video falls into the category of the extremely funny. As you can see, these two decided to steal a truck off of the lot of Reynold's Ford on NW Expressway. They managed to unlock the transmission, causing the truck to roll backwards in neutral. While one was yanking on a door handle thinking that would stop the truck, the other began shooting out the windows with a BB gun. It was only after both of them gave up that the truck stopped all by itself. Unfortunately, the truck was later stolen off the lot. We have since recovered the vehicle, but the two suspects are still outstanding.If you can identify these suspected thieves, call Crime Stoppers with tips 405-235-7300 or Case # 17-24299

Posted by Oklahoma City Police Department on Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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