G Body Has Too Much Shuffle And Loses A Wheel Causing a Near Wreck!

There really isn’t too much that needs to be said about this video, just hit that ...

There really isn’t too much that needs to be said about this video, just hit that play button and watch! YouTuber JMalcom2004 was on hand at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park, or MGMP, when this good looking G-Body came to the line to take on the pickup truck in the other lane. After laying down a nice fresh batch of hot rubber in the burnout, the nitrous-huffing Oldsmobile Cutlass backs up and gets ready to do battle. The car purges the nitrous, as does the truck in the other lane, to get the bottle pressure just right.

Once the purging is done, both rides ease into the staging beams and get on the transbrake. As soon as the tree flashes green, they both launch hard. However, the Cutlass seems to lose traction almost immediately. What happens next, nobody saw coming. The driver pedals the throttle to try to get the car to hook back up, only to have a wheel break off in pretty spectacular fashion. The car bucks violently as the wheel works it way out from under the body, leaving the driver without much of an option other than to hang on tight and hope for the best.

The car spins around and begins backing toward the opposing wall as the truck heads downtrack, the driver completely unaware that his opponent is now rocking three wheels and sliding across the track behind him. The driver of the Cutlass gets on the brakes hard and just manages to stop the car either just before it hits the wall, or he kept the impact to a minimum. It is literally so close we can’t tell if the car made contact with the retaining wall or not. Luckily the car stayed shiny side up, as it wouldn’t have taken too much for the car to dig in and flip, which would have caused much bigger problems for the driver and the car itself.

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