Gas Monkey Garage’s Aaron is a mechanical genius, fixing broken parts by hand – no new parts

Even for the guys that have reached the top of the summit at Gas Monkey Garage, ...

Even for the guys that have reached the top of the summit at Gas Monkey Garage, getting their hands on new parts isn’t always an option.

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Generally, when an issue like this stubborn valve arises, the next step in the process is to go ahead and order some replacement parts.

Sometimes when you’re in there it’s just worth it to go with the new stuff so you don’t have to pull it apart again even if the internals are salvageable.

However, this time, strict deadlines face Aaron and he had no choice but to get to work and attempt a repair job, something that not too many would try to do themselves.

Check out the video below as Aaron attempts to make a solid valve seal by hand, one of the most important parts of a finely tuned and running engine. This guy’s talents really go above and beyond to make him one of the best in the business!

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