Gastonia Woman Goes BALLISTIC – Hits Cop Car And Rolls Car!

Gastonia Woman Goes BALLISTIC – Hits Cop Car And Rolls Car!pure 850hp GT-R / ...

Gastonia Woman Goes BALLISTIC – Hits Cop Car And Rolls Car!

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Today,we check out the video that is as erratic as it is sad is this woman goes on a rampage, doing donuts in her car before running into police officers and flipping the car over off of a nearby hill.

As the woman continues to circle around in a busy intersection, bystanders insist that she must be”high as a kite.” Later, however after a little bit of digging, we have come up with an official statement from the driver’s family and it turns out that she was nowhere near such a state, as far as the family is concerned.

According to them, the woman had stopped taking her medicine that is designed to control a chemical imbalance in her brain. It was at this point that she had gone on to believe that God had cured her.

The result of not taking this medication has reactions like the one that we see in the video below. After the incident, the woman was charged with some serious offenses, like assault with a deadly weapon, says WSOCTV. Thankfully though, it doesn’t look like anybody was seriously injured.

Hopefully, this situation can be resolved to the point where all parties involved can go home happy.

Is this odd looking scenario below the least subtle insurance fraud ever?



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