Gender Reveal By ATV Goes Horribly Wrong…

In the world of viral videos we live in, everybody who has something to “announce” ...

In the world of viral videos we live in, everybody who has something to “announce” tries to come up with a way to do reveal their information that will blow up and spread like wildfire. Gender reveals especially seem to have taken on a life of their own as a phenomenon where the parents-to-be look for way to reveal the gender of their little one in the most over the top way possible.

We’ve seen several that were share-worthy because they involved cars in some way, and one in particular because things took a bit of a comical turn, but this one… this one we’re sharing because it goes terribly wrong. As always, we’re only sharing because despite the spill this guy takes, he hops right up with no obvious injuries, other than his pride being wounded.

Instead of using a car or truck to whip up some pink or blue tiresmoke clouds or exhaust smoke, this guy uses his quad, which seems like a cool enough way to spread the news. He rolls down the street, then as he’s ready to trigger the smoke, he rolls into the throttle and whips the quad around in the street to do some donuts as the blue smoke begins to pour out of the exhaust. Just as those gathered to watch the spectacle begin to react to the revelation that the couple is expecting a baby boy, things quickly go wrong for the guy perched atop the quad.

As he whips the rear end around to begin the donuts, his weight shifts a tad too far to the rear and the back tires bite, sending the quad up and over almost instantly, dumping the rider off on his side hard enough that it kicks his shoe off. We’ll give the rider the benefit of the doubt and say he just didn’t grab his helmet since this was just supposed to be a quick little stunt, but this is a perfect illustration of how quickly things can go wrong, so maybe keep the helmet on, even for quick little stunts.

We are glad to see the rider hop up so quickly and walk off the crash, and we send our congrats to the couple and best wishes for a healthy happy baby boy.

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