Geo’s 1800+HP Supra Beats Everyone – The BADDEST Supra Ever?

When it comes to cars that everyone can fall in love with, the Toyota Supra has ...

When it comes to cars that everyone can fall in love with, the Toyota Supra has definitely cemented itself in the hearts of many enthusiasts around the world. Even for diehards of the other brands or nationalities of cars, I think that any gearhead with a solid head on their shoulders can admit that there’s a lot of potential with this platform as it has managed to pull off some pretty incredible things. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a nicely built 2j with a little bit of turbo whistle along with a couple of body curves out at the drag strip?

This time, we follow along with That Racing Channel as they take the time to dig into a Real Street Performance built Supra that is really making waves out there in the quarter mile. You might’ve seen this thing before but never like this as the car digs down deep, taps into all 1800 of that horsepower and tries to make the best pass that it possibly can with Geo behind the wheel. It’s pretty incredible to watch as the passes get closer and closer to the six-second range with the car setting a new personal best at a touch over 7.0-seconds in the quarter mile.

At the end of the day, it ends up being a pretty big tease as the car nearly reaches out and touches the six-second bracket just like we’re sure that the whole team watching was waiting for the finely tuned machine to break that barrier, however, watching the car crack home 7.0-second passes is surely a treat to be had. If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to watch the machine punch its way home to some impressive passes. If you cann’t appreciate a ride like this, well, I think I might be time for you to find yourself a different hobby.

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