Get a Free $3 Million Bugatti Chiron With the Purchase of This Superyacht

Somewhere, apparently in a land far, far away, there are people with cash flowing out ...

Somewhere, apparently in a land far, far away, there are people with cash flowing out of every pore on their body. When we browse the web and see some of the extravagant things that people buy, it really feels like they have to have a printing press in their home spitting out hundred dollar bills by the second.

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For the majority of folks on earth, it’s probably a little bit mind-blowing that people spend as much as $39 million on a boat. This time we see just that, though.

The vessel goes by the name of “Xenos.” The superyacht concept does everything that a superyacht should. We can point out all of the luxuries on board and how it’s a 130-foot home at sea. We could even point out the carbon fiber and aluminum construction.

The real story here seems to be the garage and what comes inside of it, though.

Onboard, we find a garage with a folding ramp that will let vehicles drive in and out. To get the party started, though, the folks behind this superyacht decided to include an impressive member for the garage’s collection. By spending $39 million, buyers will also get a $3 million Bugatti Chiron included, free of charge. How’s that for a promotional deal?

When the Bugatti or other wheeled vehicles aren’t inside of the garage, it can be used for other things. For example, one could store toys like jet skis or perhaps a pond hopper to be able to travel when the yacht is docked.

In addition to the garage and Bugatti, the vessel also features solar panels for power, auto tinted windows, and a top speed that is said to climb over the 100 mph mark. That would make this 15,000 hp monster the fastest 130-foot yacht in existence. As if having all of the amenities that one could ever want on board wasn’t enough, why not break a couple of speed records while we’re at it?


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