Ghost Sledding on Fresh Powder Looks Like a Blast

If there’s a snowy, winter wonderland at hand, you’ll find that there ...

If there’s a snowy, winter wonderland at hand, you’ll find that there will be two kinds of people in this world, those who bundle up and stay inside and those who make the most of it, heading outside and making the snow their playground in whatever way they know how.

As you probably guessed, this time, we’re choosing to focus on the latter because those who like to stay inside aren’t very much fun to watch on video, now are they? Now, all that is left to decide is how exactly these guys are going to take the fresh powder and make it into some fun.

With an ATV and a makeshift sled on hand, the answer that question is simple as they partake in what they like to call “Ghost Sledding” on their way to the ice fishing hole. If you hadn’t guessed yet, that basically means that whoever is willing to sit on the homemade sled will be able to have a blast as they are pulled behind the driver of the four-wheeler.

Hopefully, whoever is behind the handlebars of the ATV is trustworthy because the person behind them is about to go for a wild ride! Check out this snowy display down in the video below and tell us if this is something that you would take part in should snow hit the ground near you.

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