GIANT Blower With Big Cubic Inches = SMOKE SHOW!

GIANT Blower With Big Cubic Inches = SMOKE SHOW!pre-entries are now live for ...

GIANT Blower With Big Cubic Inches = SMOKE SHOW!

pre-entries are now live for sweepstakes 24!
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No matter where you go, the car culture will probably be accepting of a little bit of tire smoke, but the love of burning rubber is especially prevalent in Australia.

In fact, the scene there lives and dies by automotive cloud creation. This supercharged monster of a Holden will show you exactly how they feel about burnouts.

When we check in, we’re immediately exposed to the grumbling v8 and shrill of the supercharger whine as Steve Edsall’s sedan shows us exactly how a burnout should be done.

Check out the video below that shows us how the ride known as “ROGUE” obliterates a fresh set of meats during qualifying burnouts for the Brasher Nats in Sydney.

This nitrous Nova does a wicked burnout after a 900hp dyno pull!


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