Girl Biker Motorcycle Wheelie FAIL… Stunting Gone Wrong!

When you’re trying to get down the process of stunt riding to the best of your ...

When you’re trying to get down the process of stunt riding to the best of your abilities, it’s definitely not something that happens overnight. You can’t just hop on a motorcycle and think that you’re going to be the best in the world straight off of the bat. While some people have more natural ability than others, no matter who you are, it’s going to be a while before you find your way to the top ranks of those who have gotten behind the handlebars. In between the beginning and where you want to be, there are sure to be quite a few cuts and bruises to accompany your experience as you keep on trying to one-up yourself and do a little bit better with the next trick that you pull out of your hat.

This time, we catch up with the stunt display that ended pretty quickly. It’s not clear to us if this girl is new at riding or if she just made a simple mistake but how she made said mistake is probably pretty easy to do by grabbing the clutch instead of the brake. As a result, things would not end so well for her. It’s wild to think that such a simple misstep can mean that she’s going home banged up and that her bike is going to share in that battered state as the duo goes down hard.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to join in on the stunt display that doesn’t end well. However, luckily for this rider, she has quite a positive outlook moving forward. I guess that, when you’re trying to do something great, bumps and bruises happen along the way but that isn’t going to deter her from hopping back on her motorcycle once again and going out there to try and put on the best stunt display that she possibly can!

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