Girl At Gas Station Steals Running Motorcycle.

Sometimes, we run into a situation that might leave us a loss for words. Fortunately, ...

Sometimes, we run into a situation that might leave us a loss for words. Fortunately, this isn’t that situation. We could go on and on about all of the questionable things that are happening in this video. At the end of the day, though, we’ll probably just chalk this up to another day in Florida. After all, it seems like Florida is the state that generates the most interesting headlines. This time, the headline obviously surrounds a girl at a gas station. Somehow, she ended up taking possession of a running motorcycle and turning it into a police encounter.

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Apparently, a motorcycle rider was filling up at the pump when he ran into the young lady. As the bike was running, she took the opportunity to hop on. It seems like the rider argues that he didn’t want the girl to go anywhere on the bike. However, it also feels like he doesn’t do much to stop her. Apparently, the agreement was for her to ride the bike a short distance. However, the complete stranger at the gas station ended up taking off with it. Shocker.

Later on, the bike was discovered and the young lady had found her way to a house. Before long, she was toted back to the gas station and left to face the law. The owner of the motorcycle didn’t want to press any charges. This guy is honestly incredibly lucky to have gotten his bike back at all. When all is said and done, the situation kind of leaves us a little bit baffled.

No charges were pressed and the motorcycle rider would continue on with his day. We would venture to think that he had managed to learn a rather worthwhile lesson after this one. Next time, let’s not trust the random person hanging out at a gas station, even if she is a “hot girl” as the video title describes her.

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