She Says It’s The Most Beautiful Car In the World, And She May Not Be Wrong!

If we asked a company like Renault what the future looked like, there’s a good ...

If we asked a company like Renault what the future looked like, there’s a good chance that they’d point us toward their Trezor concept. We would say that if even half of these features make it into an actual vehicle, we would be blown away. For those interested in what this thing has to offer, it’s rumored that the platform could be making its way to market sometime next year. It kind of takes a step away from reality, in a way. Instead of the cars that were used to looking at on the road today, this almost makes us think of something from The Jetsons.

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Supercar Blondie is the one In charge of this tour. When she takes us through the electric concept car that features autonomous capabilities, we can really feel her excitement. This certainly isn’t any run-of-the-mill Tesla, after all.

Instead, it features the likes of a carbon fiber body that reacts to different conditions. That’s just one example of how it amazes us! Oh yeah, did we mention that the entire thing lifts off of the bottom half of the car to allow the driver to get in? If that’s not something that’s unique for a street car, we aren’t sure what is.

As we get the complete tour of this futuristic machine, we keep on finding jaw-dropping details every step of the way. It seems like the company really put all of their efforts at full-steam-ahead with this one. The goal seems to be to improve upon every aspect of the automobile as we know it. Whether it’s in looks or functionality, this Renault seems to be batting .1000. As we follow along with the video below, we can’t help but want to get even closer with a machine like this. This is the sort of innovative design and engineering that we can’t help but love!

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