GM Electric Truck Rumors Brewing, Potential Collaboration with Small EV Truck Company

Sometimes, we hear about new releases for vehicle brands and it can be easy to not ...

Sometimes, we hear about new releases for vehicle brands and it can be easy to not take them seriously. After all, how many times have we heard of a startup brand looking to throw their hat in the electric vehicle ring? It always seems like some of these companies have great ideas but somewhere along the way, either their ideas don’t end up catching on or some other logistical problem keeps them away from the mainstream auto market. That’s not necessarily a knock on the companies but rather a testament to the idea that it’s an incredibly hard area to succeed in.

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This was a legitimate train of thought that could’ve popped up with the idea that a new company by the name of Rivian would be attempting to burst through in the new market segment of electric powered trucks. Electric powered vehicles are making their way to become a more widely accepted way of getting around. Therefore, this entirely new market exposes itself. The most logical suitors to fill in for the new segment would be automakers that already are in existence. After all, they have not only the capital but also the means of production. However, with some recent rumors, Rivian might just be gaining a little bit more credibility.

Nothing official has been announced, however, both General Motors and Rivian have made statements regarding the respect for the ventures of one another. Why would they just come out and release statement like this? Well, rumor has it that General Motors and Amazon are both interested in a minority stake in the company. This minority stake is rumored to bear between a $1 billion and $2 billion investment in the truck brand that plans on launching in the year 2021.

Perhaps this partnership could be a sharing of technology for a sort of side-by-side production. This could potentially spell out a situation where the new-to-the-market automaker would be producing the same model as a Chevy-badged electric truck, except with a different name, of course. As of now, this is all speculation as nothing is set in stone. However, it’ll be an interesting dynamic to watch unfold. Ford and Ram have already dipped their toes into some sort of talks of an electric truck, leaving GM to be the last American automaker left to make a move on the market.

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