GMC with a 4-53T 2 stroke detroit diesel and 2 sticks shifting

Today, everything in this world seems to be going in a more automated direction ...

Today, everything in this world seems to be going in a more automated direction including the cars that we drive. However, there was a time in the past when automation wasn’t even really a consideration. During this time, some bigger trucks didn’t even come in at automatic! During this time, you actually had to shift gears yourself – imagine that!

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Now, while a very small percentage of the population here in America retains the ability to drive a stick shift, this driver manages to power through the streets in his GMC that has a pair of sticks to dictate what gear is being selected and when. Even looking at this piece of equipment might boggle some peoples’ minds!

Check out the video below with the twin stick shifting action that shows this two-stroke Detroit diesel, a 4-53T 2 stroke, as the driver confidently uses these gear levers to plow through the streets. This video practically oozes testosterone and masculinity at every single pore!

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