Go Kart Soccer Battle Looks Like All Kinds Of Fun!

This looks like so much fun! The guys from Dude Perfect always know how to have a ...

This looks like so much fun! The guys from Dude Perfect always know how to have a good time, and this video is no exception. Combining one of our favorite things with the worlds most popular sport, the Dudes have given us go kart soccer, and its amazing!

The rules are simple: play soccer on go karts. The teams of three have two halves to put the giant soccer ball into the goal as many times as possible before time runs out.  The guys manage to score more goals in one game of go kart soccer than have been scored in all of the first round of the 2018 World Cup so far and find themselves in a 4-4 tie as the clock winds down closer to the end of regulation.

With the Panda in goal playing defense, he seems to be in position to stop the hard charging red team as they drive the ball toward the gaol. However, they manage to “kick” the ball over his head and set up a perfect assist to score with just one second on the clock to take the win.

This seems like a great team building exercise, or just a great way for a few buddies to spend an afternoon goofing off. It would be a little bit of an investment, but perhaps somebody with the money on hand to do so could pick up a few go karts, a couple of makeshift goals and a big ol soccer ball and have everything available to setup at corporate events or family gatherings.

I can imagine this showing up at my family’s reunions and a fight breaking out between myself and my cousin Justin, who’s super competitive and would hate that he just isn’t quite as good as I am. My team would win at go kart soccer, but he’d kick my butt right there on the “field” afterwards.

Sounds like fun, let’s make this happen at the next family reunion!


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