Go Kart Track Is As Close To Real Life Mario Kart As It Gets

For those kids who happened to grow up during the 90s end sometime thereafter, you ...

For those kids who happened to grow up during the 90s end sometime thereafter, you probably remember blowing out your favorite N64 cartridge, putting it in your video game console, and going to town. Odds are, if that’s your generation, then you have at least played Mario Kart if you didn’t own it! The video game straight out of 1992 is one of the biggest hits to have ever hit any console and has managed to gather a following like no other as it’s spun into multiple sequels for more modern Nintendo consoles. Let’s just say that Mario and his fast friends really had a profound effect on gamers and even people outside of the gaming culture everywhere that you looked.

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Now, for those who have played the game, you have probably also imagined what it would be like to be able to have some sort of Mario kart battle in real life. What if you could bring the style of racing with all kinds of obstacles and weapons into the real world somehow? This time, we check out a situation that gets you about as close as you can possibly come in this day and age. While obviously, these drivers aren’t going to be out there firing weapons at one another but this style of racing that closely mimics the tracks you see in the game might have you feeling like you’ve immersed yourself into a Nintendo with the facilities at Niagra Speedway.

The video down below shows off this insane track that has multiple levels and all sorts of unique sections that will make you feel like you’re driving down Rainbow Road for yourself! Who knows? Maybe in the future, they will find out a way to simulate all of the turtle shells and banana peels that are in the game. For now, I think that unique tracks like this will definitely do for Mario Kart fanatics.

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