Going 170MPH in a 2700 Horsepower M35 Widebody Power Boat

When it comes to making gobs of horsepower, you can do it just about anywhere. It ...

When it comes to making gobs of horsepower, you can do it just about anywhere. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on dry land that thousands of horsepower are put down to make a vehicle speed at insane rates. it just so happens that, there are a rather large group of enthusiasts who prefer to have their power delivered in large quantities on the water. This time, we check out a 2700 hp widebody power boat that takes on the water like a champion. I would imagine that strapping yourself into this thing is the way to have one wild ride, for sure.

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This time, we really get up close and personal with the 2700 hp twin engine machine as it fires up and lets those babies scream. When push comes to shove, we finally get out on water and the throttle is matted, pushing the speed up to another level as it manages to tick all the way up to 170 mph. Speeds of those sorts are rather frightening on land so I would imagine that taking them to the water is a whole new level of crazy. It takes a special person to be willing to push the limits that hard out there with so many different variables that could make it all go awry!

Check out the video down below that gives you the tour of this mean machine along with putting you on board as it goes for a nice little rip of epic proportions. After watching this thing go crazy out there on the surface of the water, could you say that you would be willing to hop on board and go for a jaunt up to 170 mph as those engines scream and really make this thing go crazy as it’s put in motion? If you do, you’d better hold on for dear life because this ride is intense!

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