Gorgeous Nova Loses Control, Ends Up In The Wall

It’s no secret that Tyler Crossnoe is quite literally a living, breathing traction ...

It’s no secret that Tyler Crossnoe is quite literally a living, breathing traction guru. Building his reputation as a young track prep specialist who focused on making radials hook (even in the snow, ask me how I  know!) Tyler has proven he can also hook a big tire as well over the past couple of years.

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It should come as no surprise, then, that racers hit the starting line on a Crossnoe-prepped track expecting quite literally the best surface possible, because he always provides just that. However, just because he provides the best surface doesn’t mean it will always hold everything a racer or tuner throws at it, as there is only so much VP’s Lane Choice traction compound and a 275-wide tire can do before finding the limits of the available traction.

At Outlaw Street Car Reunion 5, held this year at historic Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY, the competitors headed to staging loaded for bear, looking to set personal bests and light up some record elapsed times. While there were certainly a handful of records set over the course of the weekend and a host of personal best elapsed times, there were a few racers who threw a little too much at the starting line, resulting in instant tirespin.

Unfortunately, for the driver of this eye-catching green nitrous-injected Chevrolet Chevelle, they had the tuneup a little too hot and the car spun immediately at the hit. Luckily, the driver in the near lane also spun the tires and idled down the track, because it’s pretty well known that once a radial car spins the tires, your best bet is to abort the run. Had he tried to get back into the throttle, he may very well have stuck the Chevelle right in the door as it bounced off the right side retaining wall and directly into his path.

The driver of the Chevelle was uninjured, but the car itself was damaged heavily after the driver spun and tried to get back into the throttle, sending the car sideways, then hard into the wall nose first. The team is already working on rebuilding the car, and hopefully they’ll have better luck in future outings, especially of those rear tires break loose.

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