Grandpa Finally Gets The Mercedes He Always Wanted

Sometimes videos make you laugh, sometimes they make you angry, and sometimes they ...

Sometimes videos make you laugh, sometimes they make you angry, and sometimes they just make you smile. While we see plenty of the first two on a daily basis, videos of the latter type are often hard to find, but today we have one for you that we guarantee will bring a smile to your face.

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This family has decided to buy their Grandpa a car. Not just any car, mind you, but a gorgeous little Mercedes 450SL that he just looks right at home behind the wheel of.

Apparently Grandpa has always wanted a Mercedes of his own but was never able to buy one himself, or perhaps, as many selfless people do, he decided against such an expense when there were other more urgent needs than his desire for a nice set of wheels. Whatever the reason, he’d never had a Benz, so his family decided to remedy that by picking up the tab for the car themselves.

Grandpa is speechless at first, though you can see the joy on his face and in his actions as he takes in the sight of his new car for the first time. He decides to hop in and try his Mercedes on for size, and we have to say he looks like he’s exactly where he belongs as he slides behind the wheel into the cushy brown leather interior and grabs the wheel for the first time. We kind of hated to see the video end before Pops fired up his car and took it for his first spin, but we can imagine the reaction was pretty amazing.

This car itself also has a little bit of history, having once been purchased by supermodel Christie Brinkley, who had ironically bought the car for her father. We can’t give this family enough credit for their selfless gesture that brought joy to their beloved grandfather and, by posting the moment online, countless others around the world who have shared this moment with them.

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