Grudge Racing Harley Goes Wheels Up

When it comes to grudge racing, most of the time you’ll see four wheeled ...

When it comes to grudge racing, most of the time you’ll see four wheeled machines going at it and attempting to take home victory and potentially a little bit of cash from the person in the next lane over. It’s these kinds of throw downs that we know and love as they put two cars against one another in a blitz for the finish line, however, this time, we check out something that’s just a bit different and it’s certainly entertaining as this group of motorcycles throws their hats into this grudge racing ring to try and see exactly who is the fastest!

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It’s not clear if these races are for money or fun but each and every one of these cruiser bike riders is on their game, trying to plant down hard and head down the track to their best pass yet. However, there are a couple of these two wheeled machines that aren’t exactly the best on keeping both wheels on the ground as they get a bit rowdy. It’s pretty intense to watch as the Harleys yank that front wheel up and the riders hold on for dear life, hoping that the machine is going to come back down and roll as straight as an arrow all the way to the finish line that lies ahead.

Check out the video below as a little bit of motorcycle racing action is brought to the forefront of the action from the guys over at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos. These motorcycle riders certainly know how to put on a show, to say the least! After tuning in and watching the motorcycle grudge racing throw down, be sure to tell us which of these riders and matchups you found to be your favorite of the bunch. When you take Harleys to the track, they’re definitely ridden in a whole different way than what you’re used to seeing out on the streets, that’s for sure!

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