GT-R Sends it Sideways, Wrecks at Cars and Coffee Event

It seems like one of the biggest and potentially most unwanted draws of Cars and ...

It seems like one of the biggest and potentially most unwanted draws of Cars and Coffee shows would be the exit. Generally, promoters try to keep things tame. Venues don’t normally enjoy when there is a ruckus happening out front. Because of this, many Cars and Coffee events have had to be canceled or moved to a new location. Things escalate to an all-new level of bad when a crash happens because a driver fails to control their vehicle.

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Now, in the majority of situations, the offender is rear-wheel drive. After all, when the power is to the rear wheels, vehicles will be the most difficult to keep control of. In turn, rear-wheel drive vehicles also tend to make the most power. However, all-wheel drive vehicles are right up there with them in power numbers. The thing is that, with power to the wheels responsible for steering, drivers will have more control. With that In mind, all-wheel drive crashes aren’t really all that common.

This time, though, we check out a Cars and Coffee catastrophe that did involve an all-wheel drive. It appears as if the driver behind the wheel of this Nissan GT-R got just a little bit overzealous and ended up sliding sideways.

If we could really pinpoint one specific area where this driver went wrong, it would probably be in the initial acceleration. Here, it looks like the driver started to accelerate while the car was still coming around the turn. We would probably recommend not trying to show off in front of a crowd at all. If you absolutely have to, though, doing it while turning is probably the most dangerous way to participate.

If you don’t want to end up in a video of your car going over a curb sideways, avoiding the need for attention is probably the best course of action.

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