Guy Buys Dream Car Then Gets Dream Car Stuck in Blizzard Weeks Later

As car guys and girls, we all know that feeling of finding that one car that you want ...

As car guys and girls, we all know that feeling of finding that one car that you want that is within reach and trying to get it. It might not always come easy and might take some time, but when you find that realistic dream car, it’s nice and easy to get locked in on it, fixated on the car, and ending up doing whatever you can to try and get to that machine. For Ben, his dream was to earn a Mercedes-Benz SL. As he would explain, he would go through lots of trials and tribulations to get there, sacrificing and doing without sometimes so that he could save up the money to finally get behind the wheel of his dream machine.

However, shortly after getting his dream car, as he would describe it, Ben would get tied up in a nightmare. It’s a little ironic to be tied up in a nightmare with your dream car, kind of counterintuitive, eh? Anyways, as it would turn out, shortly after buying the car, Ben would find himself in a blizzard emergency situation where he would need to evacuate the area. Hearing about this news, he would jump to it and what to get out of dodge. However, his girlfriend decided that she wanted to hang around for a while which would end up getting them tied up in a bad situation, attempting to flee the bad weather when it was beginning to hit hard.

For anyone who has ever owned a car that they hold in high regard, it all sounds like these steps are shaping up to be a bad scenario that’s unfolding right in Ben’s lap. If you want to hear all about how one thing turned into another simply kept on getting worse, follow along in the VIN Wiki video below as he describes it all! Eventually, Ben would end up going on to get rid of the car and buy another, however, getting tied up in a situation like this while being the new owner of such a car had to be quite the stressful situation, especially when you consider how much work he went through to get the car the first place.

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