Guy Buys Wife a Car After She Wrecked Hers, She Hates It!

If you’re somebody who pays lots of bills and knows exactly how quickly certain ...

If you’re somebody who pays lots of bills and knows exactly how quickly certain costs can pile up in your life, having somebody go out and purchase something of great value for you would to help out is definitely a gesture that would be welcome in most cases. Even if you aren’t so quick to take a large gift from somebody, you can at least appreciate the sentiment most times and definitely, at a minimum, act grateful when someone tries to give you something like a car. If you go out of your way for somebody to this extent, you would think that it would at least be met by a little bit of graciousness.

However, this time, instead of that, for this guy who picked up a car for his wife after she had wrecked hers, it wasn’t met with that kind of reaction at all. Instead, she decided to go in exactly the opposite direction as she began to complain about everything that she didn’t like about the car.

It really makes you cringe kind of hard as he reveals the car to her as something that she can use to get around in since her car was much destroyed but instead of saying thank you and taking the keys or figuring out a way to politely defuse the situation, she immediately begins to rip this thing apart and talk about how she is simply not having it.

Granted that we don’t have the exact details of the situation, I’m not really sure how many details you would need. Seeing something like this is really enough to make your stomach turn as some people really just aren’t all that grateful for what they have right in front of them. Maybe we’re looking at this one all wrong so we invite you to check out the video below for yourself and tell us exactly what you think of the situation as it unfolded front of us.

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