Guy Crashes Go Kart Then Proceeds To Gets Hit By Both Of His Buddies… But Sticks The Landing!

If you’ve ever been out and about go-karting, you know all about how the ...

If you’ve ever been out and about go-karting, you know all about how the different facilities have all the different rules to try to keep you safe. They say that you shouldn’t bump each other and do this and that and you might roll your eyes and say “yeah right” because none of that will ever happen to you, right? Well this time, we take a look at exactly why some of the safety rules might be in effect as the situation quickly spirals out of control and ends with quite a bad time as one rider ended up flying out of the cockpit of his go-kart and feeling that hurt as he would be struck hard.

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Now, you can’t really say that this was caused by bumping but instead, as the driver was continuing along the course, it appears as if he took a sharp turn too tightly, plowing straight into the wall which would then throw him from the kart, putting him in front of his buddy’s car which pretty much broadsided him before he fell to the ground and rolled over a couple times, actually managing to stick the landing as he somehow ended up on his feet again which would lead us to think that the guy would be alright after the incident.

Thanks to a GoPro mounted on his buddy’s helmet, the entire situation was captured on camera. I’m sure they’ll relive this one over and over again, getting a pretty good laugh out of the situation where they were able to chuckle at their friend’s pain for just a minute.Thankfully, nothing happened to the driver and he will live to go-kart again should he so be inclined to put himself back in the driver seat. If you want to talk about all the adrenaline rush, I’m sure this driver got all that and more.

Hire kart fail

We all have that one mate who is shit on the hire karts…

Posted by Fuck Yeah Race Cars on Thursday, May 18, 2017

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