Guy Gets Thrown Out Of Camaro Doing Donuts… That Hurt!

I think every driver in a sports car has either drifted around a roundabout or at ...

I think every driver in a sports car has either drifted around a roundabout or at least had the overwhelming desire to, but whether you have turned your local traffic circle into your own personal drift pad or not, hopefully you haven’t had to deal with this! This video starts out pretty awesome, but quickly devolves into a terrible situation, but then it ends with a little humor at least.

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The video opens with a driver recording a late model Camaro drifting pretty admirably around a small traffic circle in an intersection in San Francisco. You can hear the tires squealing and the driver using the throttle to keep the car sliding around the circle, but as it swings around for the second lap, things take a terrifying turn. For whatever reason, and we certainly can’t think of any GOOD reasons, the passenger side door swings open and an occupant comes flying out of the car. The momentum from the centrifugal force of the car sends the passenger hurtling toward the curb at a fairly high rate of speed and he slams into the edge of the sidewalk just at the edge of the frame.

The camera man pulls up a bit to get a clearer view and you can hear the passenger screaming in pain as the Camaro comes to a halt and the driver and a pair of onlookers rush to his aid. It’s unclear where the passenger is hurting, though he could well be injured from head to toe. The driver pulls another unexpected move when he picks the passenger up like a child and carries him back to the car, hopefully to head to the nearest ER to have him checked out.

The footage ends with a quick chat with the camera guy’s passenger, who he calls “Uncle Larry”, with Uncle Larry offering up his candid take on what he’s just witnessed. I’m not going to quote him here, for obvious reasons that you’ll understand after watching the video for yourself.

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