Guy Gets Ticked for Speeding, Immediately Speeds Again and Gets Another Ticket!

If there’s one thing that we all dread but completely understand that might ...

If there’s one thing that we all dread but completely understand that might just be speeding tickets. When you get slapped with one, it’s kind of rage inducing sometimes, that you’re going to have to pay all that money to get even with the fine and you might even get hit on your drivers license which could raise your insurance premiums and potentially take your license away from you. However, you do understand that a car speeding out of control on the highway probably isn’t the best idea, either. Nobody wants to be walking down their neighborhood sidewalk when, all of a sudden, a car zips by at 80 mph and puts everybody’s life in danger.

This time, however, we check out an individual who was slapped with a fine that was designed to keep everyone safe and had a lengthy discussion with the police. During this discussion, we learn that the driver’s license had been suspended before and that he’s a little bit afraid that might happen again but is hoping for the best here. However, that doesn’t necessarily stop the police from slapping this youngster with the ticket, something that wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows if they were watching. What happened next, though, is an incident that you have absolutely got to see because it’s completely outrageous no matter who you think is in the right.

If you follow along with the video down below, you can get a little bit of a taste of what happened when this youngster sped away after the traffic stop and ended up getting another ticket. Some people are arguing that because he was only nine kph over the speed limit, that the police were acting unjustly here and the fact that they laughed it off after issuing another citation was unprofessional and others are saying that he should’ve been a little bit more careful here, especially given the fact that he literally had just gotten a ticket for speeding. After watching the video below, be sure to sound off and tell us what you think of this scenario that really is making people talk.

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