Guy Goes Live On Facebook As He Is Running From The Police!

It was only a matter of time before somebody did this, and I’m honestly surprised it ...

It was only a matter of time before somebody did this, and I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t happened sooner (if it has and you know about it, please drop a link in the comments on Facebook). With Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets making it possible for anybody to go live, somebody doing so during a police pursuit was inevitable, and that’s is exactly what happened yesterday.

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As you’d expect, the feed from the feeling suspect went viral immediately, which all but guarantees this will immediately be a trend, which I’m personally not excited about because that also means there is a very good chance somebody is going to go live and give their loved ones a front row seat to their demise, so keep that in mind in the future when you see a video like this starting to trend on social media.

However, this chase ends relatively peacefully, so knowing that, we can’t help but laugh at the video and the suspect, who has been identified as Brenton Hager. He starts out a little upset about the situation, having police on his tail and facing a return to jail. As friends join the feed, Hager actually begins asking them to contact his mom and help make arrangements for legal counsel. As the audience grows, Hager seems to feed of the unexpected popularity of his feed, reading comments as he flees the authorities in Moore, Oklahoma.


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