Guy On Bike Launches So Hard He Takes Flight

The last couple of videos we’ve posted – Murder Nova and Big Chief on small tires at ...

The last couple of videos we’ve posted – Murder Nova and Big Chief on small tires at Cash Days – were all about losing traction, but sometimes there’s a such thing as too much traction, and that can be much more dangerous and hard on parts than too little traction. In fact, the only real danger from losing traction is not getting out of the throttle quickly enough and losing control, which we’ve seen lately with this whole Mustangs vs Crowds phenomenon.

This motorcycle offers us a great look at exactly what can happen when that rear tire bites just a little too hard and the horsepower kicks in and kicks your ass. Of course, we know a big part of making any ride hook is the burnout, and this guy knows exactly how to lean and tilt the bike to make sure the whole surface of the rear tire is heated up and ready for the sticky starting line of the track.

As he eases the bike toward the line, the rider goes through his specific process of staging the bike, something each individual driver and rider does every time they approach the starting line. For this rider in particular, the routine is to carefully approach the line, walking the bike slowly toward the pre-stage beams. As he bumps into the pre-stage, he takes a moment, almost certainly to run through the routine of the upcoming pass and to clear his mind and focus.

He then brings up the RPM’s of the engine to where he wants to launch and rolls the last few inches forward to the stage beam. A flash of yellow, then green and the rider is off. He slips the clutch masterfully, rolling the bike off the line hard, but without spinning. However, as soon as he twists the throttle wide open, the nose of the bike climbs instantly toward the sky, dumping the rider onto his back and sending the video guy scrambling to check on him.

This just goes to show what a balance these riders have to stake when seeking to lay down that perfect launch. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

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