Guy Turns Into Instant Laughing Kid When He Feels the Boost!

When a video is laced with “don’t put this on YouTube,” it’s ...

When a video is laced with “don’t put this on YouTube,” it’s always interesting to see that the clip did, in fact, make it all the way to the world’s largest video sharing platform.

This time, we check out a YouTuber by the name of “JD JoyrideTV” as he takes out his Shelby GT500 with his neighbor to film a little bit of a reaction clip.

As soon as he punches the throttle and that supercharger whines at the top of its lungs, his neighbor instantly bursts into a giggle with a giant smile on his face, much like many of us probably would have.

Afterward, it seems like he’s a bit embarrassed by his reaction as he asks the driver not to put it on YouTube multiple times. Hopefully, the driver later got the passenger’s permission because the video is already up to almost half of a million views!

Now, we’d like to share it with you on Speed Society, so we would venture to think that it might get just a couple of more views. No worries, Dave. It’s all in good fun. The majority of people probably would have reacted in the same manner.

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