Guy Buys Used Jeep, Pops Open the Rear Diff Cover and Finds Cake

If there is one thing that you might have to worry about when purchasing a vehicle ...

If there is one thing that you might have to worry about when purchasing a vehicle secondhand, it’s that the person who owned it before you might’ve not taken the best care of it. Now, we get that not everybody is an experienced mechanic but every now and then, you have to pay attention to the normal maintenance items on your vehicle to make sure that it runs for as long as it possibly can. However, if you’ve experienced the way that people are, you can bet your bottom dollar that most regular people don’t bother to do much of anything outside of changing the oil. Sometimes, you’re lucky if you can even get them to do that.

This time, we join in with the owner of a new-to-him Jeep Cherokee. Excited to get rolling with the vehicle, he decides to pull it apart and service a couple of areas that might need to be taken care of. However, when he pops open the rear differential cover, what he sees is a little bit alarming as what’s within is simply not as it’s supposed to be. If you’ve ever done a service like this, you know that the the fluid, while it has a little bit of stink, is supposed to be thick and liquidy. However, it wasn’t quite in that state… at all.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll see about the worst that you’re going to get in a rear differential when it comes to how the fluid was taken care of. As it turns out, instead of simply flowing out with gravity, this “fluid,” if you can even call it that, would be much more suitable to be taken out with a serving spoon or maybe even a fork! With a good vehicle, if you take care of it, it’ll take care of you but this certainly isn’t a good start!


Oh yah know just maintaining a axle on a jeep i just bought ….that looks like it hasn’t been maintained in quit a bit !

Posted by Rick Bird on Thursday, February 8, 2018

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