Hands-On First Impressions Of The 2 Door Bronco And Bronco Sport In Real World Testing

Good photographers really have a way of making things look pretty. Sometimes, this is ...

Good photographers really have a way of making things look pretty. Sometimes, this is really a function of the subject looking good. Other times, though, a combination of the angles, lighting, and the right lens along with some Photoshop work can really do wonders. Let’s just say that no matter what the subject of the image, looks can truly be deceiving. *AHEM Instagram*

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This is something that’s especially true in the automotive marketing world. When a vehicle comes out, the company behind it is going to do their best to make it look good. Whether this is the proper photography technique in a print advertisement or the right camera angle in a television commercial, they are doing their best to make these things look appealing. Sometimes, they might even throw in some dramatic music for more special effect.

This time, though, we get to see what the latest Ford Bronco looks like in the real world. For 2021, the world is going to get to see the revival of the Bronco nameplate. It has certainly proven to be a tall order to live up to the original. However, from initial impressions, it seems like Ford is well on their way to doing just that.

Will these impressions change when the real world Bronco is observed, though? Thanks to a little bit of help from Last Line of Defense on YouTube, we’re able to find out just that. In this one, we check out the 2021 Bronco, inside and out, to see exactly what this thing is like in the real world. At the end of the day, for better or for worse, the real-world example is going to definitely be different than what we all saw on the commercials.

Below, we get one step closer to being able to make a judgment call on a vehicle like this. The only next step in the natural progression is, of course, seeing it in person.

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