Hanging On By a Tread… Insanely Lucky C10 Truck Nearly Falls Off Bridge

Sometimes, you might feel like you’re getting hit with a streak of bad luck but ...

Sometimes, you might feel like you’re getting hit with a streak of bad luck but then one situation comes to the forefront of your vision and makes you realize how lucky you are and how good you’ve really got it. Things like that make you feel just a little bit by better about the bad run that you’re having.

Normally, realizing that you have a good isn’t really something that’s this obvious. However, the driver of this Chevrolet C10 truck really managed to hit the jackpot when he found himself sliding out of control and over the side of a bridge.

Now, you might be asking yourself why someone who slid over the side of bridge would find themselves to be lucky but when you see the aftermath of the incident, you’ll understand exactly why. While the driver of this truck could have been forced to face whatever ugly truth lies down at the bottom of this bridge, the rear wheel of the truck managed to get caught in such a way as to hold onto the vehicle and not allow it to go for that ugly fall.

In the video below, the situation is showcased as the truck hangs on for dear life and from the look of the firefighters standing around, we would assume that the people inside had been rescued. Check out the video below that shows a driver who seems to have hit the lottery in the midst of a very unlucky situation.

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