He Wants to Mount the Turbo with Zip Ties… Say What?

There’s nothing quite like the theme in the world of cars that is the father ...

There’s nothing quite like the theme in the world of cars that is the father and son project. It seems almost to be cliché at this point but it really is something I think most enthusiasts would agreed that people should try to accomplish at some point in their life whether it be a father and son combo or maybe even a mother and daughter, potentially even a respected family member working on a car with the next generation. It’s something that money could never replace and definitely teaches a lot more than just how you work on a vehicle. The tips that you learn and experience you gain under the hood of the vehicle probably aren’t too bad, either.

This time, we join in on a father and son project that has plenty of good times, laughs, and plenty of dad jokes. The duo is working under the hood of none other than a Chevrolet Silverado that they’re working on strapping a turbo to in order to have a bona fide street truck that can accomplish rolling burnouts aplenty and the occasional race here and there.

However, as you can probably imagine, they don’t necessarily agree on every last thing. At the beginning of the video, dad is even talking a little bit about mounting the turbo with zip ties, a joke, we’re sure!

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll get a small glimpse of how exactly the turbo truck is coming together to be able to share in these memories that will surely last a lifetime. After joining in with this video, it almost makes you want to head out to the garage with some friends or family and wrench on a little something yourself.

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