Head on Car Crash in Slow Mo

When it comes to those YouTube channels that you can always count on for interesting ...

When it comes to those YouTube channels that you can always count on for interesting content to feast your eyes on, The Slow Mo Guys are definitely a group that you’re going to want to watch out for. The goal is to put together different situations that might pique your curiosity and slow them down with super expensive cameras that allow you to see every last detail, analyzing the frames in a way that the naked eye never could, spitting it out on the other end of all of their editing and presentation that brings some pretty interesting pieces, if we do say so ourselves. This time, we follow with a piece that is right down our alley here at Speed Society.

In this one, the situation that we’re looking at is none other than a little bit of crash testing as they take two cars and slam them into one another head on. Now, normally in crash testing, the idea is to see just how safe a car can be in order to rate it. However, this time, the idea behind the hustle is to see just how much damage will be caused and where things begin to fall apart first when two cars are brought together under a full head of steam, running into each other head on, a situation that you definitely would never want to be a part of out on the roadways.

When you’re ready to view this incredible experience, go ahead and press that play button below that will show you what it looks like when an accident is unfolding in super slow motion. There’re definitely some interesting things here to pick up on if you watch closely. One of the more interesting things that we noticed is that, in certain situations, the glass isn’t broken by the impact but instead, by flying projectiles inside that could very well be your dome!

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