Heavy Cement Truck Goes Down While Trying To Avoid Slowing Traffic

I’ve said it before and I feel it only grows more accurate each day: Dashcams are a ...

I’ve said it before and I feel it only grows more accurate each day: Dashcams are a big deal! With distracted driving at an all time high and our roads seemingly growing more congested by the day, it seems like the perfect time for such a device to rise to prominence on such a grand scale. Compact, convenient and nearly infallible, the dashcam is the silent witness to everything that happens outside our windshields as we drive, giving us evidence of wrongdoing and outright stupidity that makes for much better evidence in court than he-said-she-said, and it’s much better to have video to show your friends (and the whole world) video instead of trying to explain to them in great detail what you saw.

I can’t even pretend I know what the driver of this concrete mixer truck was thinking as he continued to run toward its destination as traffic ahead began to slow and stack up. Thanks to our camera car’s perfect location, we get to see the situation unfold from the beginning with amazing close-up footage of exactly what happened.

I’d be willing to bet the drive of the concrete mixer was not paying full attention to the road ahead, or he wouldn’t have been traveling as such a high rate of speed when traffic was clearly slowing ahead of him. Instead, he just barrels right up onto the growing cluster of cars and trucks before finally standing standing on the brake and taking action to avoid the cars in front of him. Unfortunately, that’s too little too late and the heavy load of concrete causes the rig to tip onto its side. We don’t know if there were any injuries from this wreck, but it does look like the impact was relatively soft. Of course we’ve seen footage quite like this either.

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