Video Captures Hectic Moment a Boat Going Full Speed Loses an Outboard Engine

When it comes to boating, there are a lot of moving parts that come together to paint ...

When it comes to boating, there are a lot of moving parts that come together to paint the finished picture. Out on the water, things happen incredibly quickly and therefore, extreme caution should be taken. Before going out, even, there’s a whole checklist of things to make sure are in working order. Keeping equipment in tip-top shape is very much key to a safe and fun day on the water. However, even when the proper precautionary measures are taken, things don’t always pan out perfectly. There are days where a situation just doesn’t go your way.

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This time, we join in on such a situation where such an unlikely struggle unfolds out in the water. As the water gets a little bit rough, these boaters are cutting right through it. The boat certainly seems to be designed to be able to handle the waves. However, anything can happen at any time. Even for the highest quality of vessels, the beating from the waves might get to them in just the wrong way. When this happens, quick decisions need to be made in order to make sure that the safety of everybody on board is considered first. At times, this can mean cutting your losses in some areas when prioritizing others.

The scene turns into a little bit of a panic as an expensive outboard engine ends up going overboard. It looks like things lined up in just the wrong way for the engine to give in to the pressure from mother nature. YouTuber, Alfred Montaner, had his camera running and captured the entire incident.

In a video following this, Boyd, the man in control of “Black Betty,” the 10-m fluid rib boat, says that the quick decision to drop the engine was done in fear of doing further damage to the hull or the other engine. He also said that he thought, in the moment, that it would be the safest solution given the occupants.

Fluid 10m 300 HP Mercury Outboard Recovery (After the Crash/Drop) – Alfred Montaner. 

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