Hellcat And Cadillac Go Head 2 Head At The Harsthorne OK Street Legal Drags

While there is a rising focus on the green market, with automakers trying to create ...

While there is a rising focus on the green market, with automakers trying to create vehicles that produce lower emissions, that definitely hasn’t stopped those same manufacturers from also cranking out high-performance powerhouses that guzzle down the fuel and crank out major power on the other side of that equation. With each and every generation of vehicles, it seems like we get a stronger grouping of cars that really has managed to pull something out of their hat and become more impressive with each and every opportunity that they have to really put the power down.

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While recently, all of the focus has been on the Dodge Demon in the Mopar camp, one tier below the super drag machine sits the Hellcat, another platform that is pretty incredible and you can’t help but respect. Also, in the other lane over here, a vehicle that seems to become more and more impressive every time you look at it in the Cadillac CTS-V also boasts a supercharged V8 that’s designed to take a beating in the quarter mile.

This time, thanks to the guys over at Urban Hillbilly¬†Action Videos, we’re able to watch two of these muscular supercharged production cars take one another on in some street legal street racing, a format that really makes things interesting as it takes some of the fun aspects of street racing that can throw a wrench in the equation, like the lack of preparation on the racing surface but allows drivers to do it in a legal format without having to worry about traffic.

Both of these machines look like they are at least lightly modified so it should be off to the races here as the pairing has at it and goes straight for the jugular! No matter what way you look at this one, it’s bound to be a good race so be sure to focus your attention on the video below and get ready for a real barn burner of a competition.

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