Here’s How Long it Takes for a Crook to Steal Your Tailgate

When it comes to keeping your vehicle safe fron theft, there’s only so much ...

When it comes to keeping your vehicle safe fron theft, there’s only so much that you can really do. There are certain parts on vehicles that such criminals will go after and the most unlikely of vehicle parts might just be something that could potentially bring a lot of money on the black market. These parts might not seem like something that’s a big deal but, crooks can make out big time, making thousands on something as simple as a pickup truck’s tailgate. Yeah, you read that correctly.

The fancier and newer that these parts get, obviously, the more difficult they’re going to be to get replaced. Criminals will be on the lookout for these high dollar parts should they be in the area and able to get their hands on one of them and the worst part is that something like a tailgate is completely vulnerable and ready to be snatched at a moment’s notice. In this one, we see just how easy it can be to be there and gone, making off with an expensive tailgate in a matter of seconds. It’s really incredible how brave some of these people will be, just walking right up to someone’s house like that!

The video below shows off security camera footage that had someone doing their worst to a GM truck. In just a matter of about 15 seconds, they were able to slide through, completely undetected and be on their way. There’s no way that anyone inside the house could have reacted and stopped them in time. Maybe, the best thing to do for something like this would be to put some sort of preventative measure in place to stop it from happening in the future. You certainly don’t want to be stuck with the bill because of a sly criminal in the night.

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