Here’s How One Little Mistake Can Lead To A Big Upset! Kamikaze vs Doc Street Beast

When it comes to the “never give up” mentality, some folks have it and ...

When it comes to the “never give up” mentality, some folks have it and others don’t. I guess there are some people out there who are always looking for the positives in life and hoping to move ahead with any last shred of momentum that they can get and this video will show you exactly why that’s a good way to move forward.

In this clip, we check out a race that was stacked up in a very slanted direction. Even Kamikaze himself, the driver of the mean looking Chevrolet El Camino here, admitted that he didn’t think that there was any way that he should have a chance of winning this race when his competitor, Doc, was trying to move up the list but, he would head out there and go to battle anyway because, well, what if…

Now, because of that mentality, Kamikaze would give all that he had to this race, heading down the street door-to-door with the Street Beast and hanging in there longer than anyone thought he would. When the Chevrolet Monte Carlo began to pull around Kamikaze, it just so happened that the car had a small hangup in its shifting that would allow the black Chevrolet to rocket to victory by a small margin.

It might have only been a small buffer that was between the two cars and Doc’s car might have failed to shift when it really needed to but racing isn’t always about who’s the fastest. Sometimes, it can come down to who is more consistent and can deliver hard-hitting passes time after time out there on the racing surface. This time, the determined Kamikaze would prove to be that driver as he brought home the win.

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