Here’s Why the Plymouth Prowler is the Weirdest Car of the 1990s

When you think back over all of the sports machines that have come out over the ...

When you think back over all of the sports machines that have come out over the years, there are plenty whose lineage have an interesting story behind them. The Plymouth Prowler is one of those cars that seems to have come and gone, though, flying right under the radar and this time, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of one.

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Our knowledgeable host, Doug DeMuro takes us through mid-90s creation that seems to be a shot in the dark by Chrysler at creating a fun machine all while rummaging through the parts bin of other cars that they threw together in the 90s.

So what made the Prowler so weird? Why the heck did a car like this come from out of nowhere and polarize pretty much everyone who laid eyes on it shortly before the car would take its ride into the abyss not too many years later?

Explore all of these questions and more in the video below that will teach you just about everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about these machines that many probably would have liked to see outlive the short span of life that they had on the production line. What are your thoughts on this car that seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye?

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