Here’s Why this 1969 Camaro Z28 is More Than Just a Muscle Car

Internet mechanic and repair advice specialist Scotty Kilmer is back with this week’s ...

Internet mechanic and repair advice specialist Scotty Kilmer is back with this week’s viewer-submitted ride of the week, and this bad boy had got a heck of a story to tell.

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This mother of this week’s winner bought this first gen Camaro all the way back in 1970. According to our lucky viewer of the Scotty Kilmer Channel, this was his mom’s first “real car”, and it stayed in the family for most of his life. The car was sold for a short time but found its way back home and will likely remain there.

Before he got his hands on it, his mom used to do some racing in the car. Starting with the typical stoplight-to-stoplight drag race, she realized there was a battle to be fought keeping the car hooked up on the street and keeping the clutch happy, so she decided to shift her focus to long distance races spanning hundreds of miles and sometimes multiple states. If you’re thinking Cannonball Run, you’re probably barking up the right tree.

The car started life as a 1969 Camaro Z/28 with a 302 cubic inch small block under the hood, but now currently sports a 350 CID small block with a modern EFI system feeding the classic GM powerplant. The car wears a great looking coat of dark blue paint with custom black side stripes and an awesome looking set of gasser-style wheels to give it that throwback look.

The original block is still in the owners possession but has to be repaired after the temporary second owner left the cooling system full of pure water, which froze and cracked the factory block. He does plan to have it fixed, but for now is having a great time with the 350 putting in work. Pay close attention to the custom exhaust system. Some of you may think it’s overkill, but it’s kind of cool to see somebody thinking outside the box and building something that is exactly what they want.

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