Hert Breaks Ken Block’s Wife’s Bronco

When you think about the guys at Hoonigan, you have to consider the fact that a big ...

When you think about the guys at Hoonigan, you have to consider the fact that a big part of their business model includes basically beating on absolutely everything that they come across. It isn’t too often that a vehicle comes in and out of the Donut Garage without meeting a fate of tire shredding and to be honest, from this side of the screen, it’s a ton of fun to watch as all kinds of high dollar and custom  vehicles alike all meet the same fate as they get involved in a little bit of tire shredding from time to time, cranking up the volume and showing exactly what some of these cars and trucks are capable of.

In a place like this, not even Ken Block’s Wife’s Ford Bronco can be excluded from the mix and it’s really a ton of fun to watch because this machine is a unique build that you can’t help but admire. The Coyote powered Bronco is completely custom from head to toe and is an awesome creation. Watching it kill rubber is one thing that you’re going want to keep your eyes feasted on. Because of how different the Bronco really is from the rest of the machines that you normally see roll into a smoky burnout, the fun factor is truly elevated here.

Now, if you follow along down in the latest episode of Daily Transmission below, you’ll be able to see exactly how much tire killing this Bronco is able to do with Hert behind the wheel before the Coyote powered SUV waves the white flag and gives up. It looks like the guys are going to have to do a little bit of explaining to Mrs. Block but I think that after watching the video, she’ll have a better understanding of how it was done… You know, for science and such.

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