Hiding In Your Garage Using Ductwork!

If you’re looking for the ultimate “quick getaway”, look no ...

If you’re looking for the ultimate “quick getaway”, look no farther, as we have found the best way to make yourself disappear in seconds. All you need to seemingly vanish into thin air is a section of collapsible ductwork and some quick thinking, as you can see in the clip below.

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This guy has come up with the perfect way to make yourself blend in with your surroundings. This “disguise” would be perfect for a game of hiding and seek, or if you want to scare somebody who isn’t really paying attention to their surroundings and might not notice a┬ásection of ductwork that hadn’t been there before.

All you do is stand a couple of feet away from the wall, drop the ducting over you, letting it fall to your feet, then holding the top end over against the wall and boom, you’ve gone from a person to a perfectly innocent section of ductwork running from the wall to the floor.

The fact that you can use a single simple prop and make yourself disappear in a matter of seconds definitely opens the door to all types of possibilities for this employing this little stunt, and it could be used in so many settings. The shop shown in the video is perfect, but it would work just as well if you were outside a store or building and stood beside the outer wall as well. There are countless uses for this little ploy, and we kind of wish we had some ducting around the Speed Society office right now to try it. How about you guys grab some and go out and show us all the ways you can come up with to use this method to vanish. Keep in mind, you have to be safe and responsible, but have fun with it and show us what you can come up with.

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