It’s no secret that we have a huge soft spot for reaction videos here at Speed ...

It’s no secret that we have a huge soft spot for reaction videos here at Speed Society. We love taking friends for rides in our cars and watching their reactions, and thanks to channels like Vehicle Virgins on YouTube, there are plenty of awesome reaction videos out there for us to share as well.

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In this video, VV’s host Parker gets to slide behind the wheel of a gorgeous customized McLaren and take his friend’s mom for a ride to see how she handles the insane power from the tuned and straight-piped 570S. Before we get to the reactions though, we have to meet the car itself!

Not that any car McLaren has ever built needed more presence or personality, but the custom carbon body kit on this ride makes it stand out in a crowd of cars built to stand out. And if 560 horsepower isn’t enough, this McLaren has been tuned and had a custom high flow exhaust installed that should push the output closer to the 700 horsepower mark.

As you might imagine, that makes for some solid acceleration, and as soon as Parker and his passenger strap into the car, we get a glimpse at just how quickly this thing rolls out. We can’t see the speedometer, but between the background visual and the sound of the car screaming through the gears, it’s not hard at all to tell the car is a monster off the line.

In the passenger seat, the lovely Natalia handles the launches pretty well. She does react to the brutal acceleration, but she keeps her cool for the most part. Of course, her son Alex does have a pretty stout ride of his own that Natalia has driven a few times, so it’s not exactly like she’s a total stranger to going fast.

Parker drops her off and picks up Alex, who actually has a more animated reaction to the car under hard acceleration than his mom did! Thanks as always to Parker for sharing his awesome experiences with us! We can’t wait to see what drops next on the VV Channel!


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