Hit and Run Instant Justice, Wheres a Cop When You need One? Right There!

There are few things more satisfying than karma doing it’s thing immediately, ...

There are few things more satisfying than karma doing it’s thing immediately, and luckily sometimes we get to see that take place right before our very eyes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.23.21 AM

This dashcam footage captured one such moment when our camera vehicle was sideswiped by a silver Nissan Altima that was making a lane change in fairly heavy traffic. Instead of doing the right thing and pulling to the shoulder, the Nissan tries to just drive away, but the dashcammer is having none of that. He pursues the Altima through traffic, though it becomes quickly obvious that the driver has no intention of stopping to discuss the incident.

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However, karma makes its appearance in the form of a Miami-Dade County police van, which just happens to be traveling the same direction . The dashcam car pulls alongside and, despite not having any volume, we can assume he quickly tells the officer in the van what’s happened, since a few seconds later, we see the strobes light up on the van as he pulls behind the Altima. With no other option, the Nissan’s finally pulls to the shoulder, where he is joined by the officer and our cam vehicle. Instant karma, caught on camera!

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