“Homeless Man” Buys a Lamborghini to See How Salesman Will React

It seems like there are certain car salesmen that like to judge a book by its cover. ...

It seems like there are certain car salesmen that like to judge a book by its cover. In fact, there are even some videos floating around that show them brushing potential customers off because of how they look.This might seem like something that’s pumped up a little bit for views. However, I can personally attest to this fact. As a youngster who was obsessed with speed and saved every dime for a Corvette, I couldn’t get dealers to take me seriously. It wasn’t until I found someone with an open mind, that I would trust them with the process of buying my then dream machine. This is likely something that a lot of people have run into in their lifetimes. It truly is a good way to throw away perfectly good sales for those working at the dealership.

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This time, we take a ride with one of the more popular YouTubers on the scene these days. Obviously, Mr. Beast isn’t homeless. He does, in fact, do a good job of portraying somebody in that situation, though. Therefore, he decided that one day, he would dress up as poorly as he could. He would then make his way into a Lamborghini dealership and purchase a car on the spot. The idea behind this was to see how the salesman would react. To his surprise, it actually turned out that this particular salesman gave him as much respect as he would any other customer.

From there, he would try out the concept across a variety of stores. Some of them sold clothes and others, different high-priced luxury items. It seems like each and every situation was a little bit different but most people gave him respect. Perhaps this is because it’s pretty hard to differentiate between some of the high fashion today and a person who lives on the street. I guess that’s a story for another time, though.

When we follow along with the video below, we get to ride along with this interesting experience along with a side journey. In the side journey, a small fender bender would lead to Mr. Beast giving the owner of the other car triple the car’s worth on the spot, in cash! These videos are a ton of fun to watch. They can even provide us with inspiration to do better at times!


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