Homemade ATV With 4 gasoline engines On Each Wheel

Making something with your own two hands can be an incredibly rewarding experience. ...

Making something with your own two hands can be an incredibly rewarding experience. When everything comes together just right, you can have yourself an efficient version of something on the market for a cheaper price with the satisfaction of knowing that you did it all yourself. Heck, sometimes, with the right vision, somebody might even be able to create something entirely new with their skills as they come together to paint one big, cohesive picture that can accomplish a goal and even draw attention if it’s done well enough!

This time, we check out a quad like you’ve never seen before. Not only does this thing have absolutely massive wheels that are designed for it to float on water but it also has one engine powering each wheel, providing more power and easier maneuverability as the rider is able to pilot this monster of a creation in whatever direction they want! I’m not sure about you but after watching this thing in motion, I personally am wanting to hop on board and go for a ride! It looks like a blast and a half to be able to pilot something like this!

Follow along in the video down below that shows off the massive quad of sorts that is able to go just about anywhere that the driver pleases. After you see what this thing is all about and how it operates, be sure to tell us what you think of this off-the-wall idea that has materialized in front of our eyes. If you’re looking for a way to liven up your weekends, this might just be a fun way to make it happen. If you had posession of one of these things how would you improve it?… or would you just use it the way that it sits? We would love to hear your thoughts on this beast!

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